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Like any component, if you want to override a component's styles using custom classes, you can use the className prop.

<MuiColorInput className="my-class-name" />

Then, you can use the differents global class names (see below) to target an element of MuiColorInput.

Global classDescription
.MuiColorInput-TextFieldStyles applied to the root element.
.MuiColorInput-ButtonStyles applied to the Button component
.MuiColorInput-PopoverStyles applied to the Popover component
.MuiColorInput-ColorSpaceStyles applied to the ColorSpace component
.MuiColorInput-HueSliderStyles applied to the Hue Slider
.MuiColorInput-AlphaSliderStyles applied to the Alpha Slider

For example: target the .MuiColorInput-HueSlider global class name to customize the Hue Slider.

Example with styled-component / emotion

import { styled } from 'styled-component' // or emotion
import { MuiColorInput } from 'mui-color-input'

const MuiColorInputStyled = styled(MuiColorInput)`
& .MuiColorInput-AlphaSlider {
margin-top: 10px;

function MyComponent() {
return <MuiColorInputStyled />